Health day “Stress go away“ – Dürr AG, Bietigheim-Bissingen

On 11/17 2016, we were at our second health day at the Dürr AG in Bietigheim-Bissingen!

In cooperation with the work group health, FITALMANAGEMENT offers activities on nutrition, movement and relaxation.

At our PowerPoint “FITAL“, the employees rolled power balls and created their own cereal at our cereal bar. At the same time, the employees had fun playing and puzzling on the topic of healthy food.

Besides our balance obstacle course and several skill games, the employees could exercise a fitness check (FM Screening).

Also, the FITALMANAGEMENT team introduced active pauses and progressive muscle relaxation in workshops.

The second health day’s highlight was a lecture. Johannes Earth, the encourager, talked about “The eight seeds of awareness“ and humorously revealed new insights for the daily work life.

It’s wonderful that the Dürr AG considers their employees’ health to be such an important factor and how the company therefore invests in health maintenance and motivation, creating such a special atmosphere.

The FITALMANAGEMENT team is looking forward to further OHM activities and to the next health day 2017!